Who Are We?

We are Industry’s Leading Hosting Provider.

INGIC Host is Your Go-To Place for All your Hosting and Domain Solutions

INGIC Host is a leading web hosting and domain names provider that focuses on all aspects, including cost-effectiveness, technological advancements, user privacy, data security and more.

Commitment to Service and Support

When it comes to quality of service and support, you won’t find anyone better than us in the industry. We believe in providing the best services and then backing them up with our round the clock support. We will stay with you throughout the entire process that is from helping you plan the website, making it and finally maintaining it.
Our team consists of people who know what it takes to get the job done, so you can rest easily knowing that they have got a solution to your problem, no matter how small or how large it is. This is why all of our solutions are user-centric. Not only this, we help you select the services you need the most to guide you in purchasing whatever package you wish to buy, everything has been made so easy that even the most non-tech savvy users can easily take their websites live on our servers.
We stepped in to the web development business with our digital agency INGIC. After running INGIC successfully we moved on towards our bigger goal to provide A to Z web solutions. This was where INGIC Host came in to being. While INGIC offers web and app development services along with marketing and many other similar services, INGIC Host offers conventional and cloud hosting, domain and security services. So, we cover our clients from all corners by providing a 360-degree solution.

Ingic Host Delivers a World-Class Cloud Hosting Experience

Our experts will help you find just the solution you need for your corporate needs. Click the services that suits you the most.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is perhaps one of the most trustable names in the cloud computing industry. INGIC Host offers Microsoft Azure as it is a Microsoft Partner!

Google Cloud Platform

Run bare metal dedicated servers or the hypervisor of your choice in a custom private cloud environment. All of it is managed by INGIC Host!

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services are there to make your cloud computing experience wholesome. Get a flexible, scalable environment, wrapped in INGIC Host’s legendary managed support!


Round the Clock Support

For the Tiniest of Your Issues

We are not just a hosting provider - we're your trusted service partner, who are always ready to help solve the toughest problems. Our services are famous all around the world for being the most high-end and cost-effective.