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INGIC Host’s Cloud Solution is Powerful, Cost-Effective and High-End.

It’s time to be on the cloud!

Whether you need a cloud hosting service for yourself or for your clients as a hosting reseller, we have got you covered. Get your site up and running on the cloud or become a web hosting company with INGIC Host’s cloud hosting services.

Fanatical Support Across Your Clients

Amazon Web Services

We are partnered with Amazon – The Leading Web Services Provider.

Microsoft Cloud Azure

Get the most out of Microsoft Azure as we are their proud partner as well!

Google Cloud Platform

Google’s own Cloud Computing Service will give you the best cloud options!

Our Managed Cloud Expertise Covers All Your Needs

Public Cloud

INGIC Host’s Public Cloud offers you the greatest level of efficiency in shared resources.

Private Cloud

Our Private Cloud architecture provides you flexibility, scalability, automation and monitoring.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid approach is ideal for disaster recovery without paying a fortune for it. Cloud control at its best!


Get astonished as we use multiple cloud computing services in a single heterogeneous architecture.

Let’s Get on the Cloud!

Monthly Billing

Add or remove resources in a simple way without having to face surprising usages fees at month’s end!

Automated Migration

Already got a hosting plan? Migrate to our platform within a few minutes in a magical way!

Data Mirroring

We ensure your data security by making multiple copies of your data across various devices.

Integrated Caching

Our systems are configured to automatically accelerate your sites with advanced caching system.

Intuitive Dashboard

Monitoring your site's performance was never this easy. Every single option is one-click away!

Great Servers and Support

Our powerful cloud servers are equipped with 24 core Xeon CPUs, 32GB+ RAM and RAID 10 data drives!


We will take care of all the language, security patches, port access and other needs before you even ask.

Instant Scaling

Want to scale up? We’ll instantly boost your CPU and RAM without even the need of a reboot!

Automated Failover

In case of a hardware failure, your site will be switched to another device for 100% uptime.

Enjoy Diverse Cloud Hosting Features at Your Fingertips!

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We at INGIC Host Power Millions of Users Through Cloud Hosting

Fastest and Safest Transfers

We transfer your data in the fastest yet secure way so that you experience the best of both worlds.

World’s Best Support Team

With the most knowledgeable and helpful support team, providing you with unparralled help.

#1 in the Industry - Guaranteed

Once you choose us, you will immediately learn that we are the best in the industry.

What INGIC Host Users Say


We were looking for a hosting provider to become a reseller. We were confused about which service to choose until we found INGIC Host. Right at the moment we got connected to their customer support, we knew we have found the company we had been looking for.

Dean J,

DigiZoner INC


We had already gotten sick and tired of slow bandwidth and security issues when we came across INGIC Host. We gave INGIC Host a shot and to our surprise, the service provided us with just the speed, security and ease of access we always desired.

Sebastian Watts,



As an up and coming entrepreneur, I didn’t know much about hosting services. INGIC Host experts guided me through all the options and helped me pick the one that suited my needs and requirements the most. All I have for them is gratitude.

Christina Matias,